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March 2019: Corporate Culture

According to Gallup, leadership and communication are among the five most significant drivers of culture. Here are three tips to help you successfully communicate your corporate culture. In keeping with our focus on corporate
culture, we revisit our Wonder Women blog with Mary Lou Panzano, who shares how she helps drive the culture in which she and her colleagues work.

February 2019: Leadership Communication

Trust at any level in the organization is crucial. We provide three key roles to adopt to build trust and lead with communication. Also, Natalie Loeb, founder and leadership coach at Loeb Leadership Development Group, shares how she leads and helps others find their leadership styles.

January 2019: Organizational Change

How can you manage change you don’t control? The answer is simple: change the way you approach change. In our first newsletter of 2019, we provide three strategies that show you how to approach change. In addition, Cy Wakeman, founder and president of Reality-Based Leadership, provides her thoughts on leadership.

December 2018: Creative Communication

Creative communication can make messages more attractive, interesting and believable. In this month’s issue, we
provide three suggestions for creative communication that could deliver greater impact to your company messaging. Also, check out seven tips from seven outstanding women who shared their stories with us.

November 2018: Internal Communication

In the race for recruitment and retention, what companies need to realize is that the most important audience isn’t potential job seekers – it’s their current employees. In this month’s issue, we look at three tips for a company to consider when communicating with its employees.

October 2018: External Communication

This month we take a look at trends in external communication and how you can incorporate these into your company messaging for greater impact. We also kicked off our Wonder Women blog series, which included two experts in the communication field. Melissa Agnes shares her thoughts on crisis communication and Cy Wakeman provides advice on leadership.

September 2018: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In our September e-newsletter, we assembled a glossary of terms associated with Artificial Intelligence, looked back at the history of technology starting in 3500 B.C.E and discussed how businesses can use AI assistants (Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana) in the workplace.

August 2018: Change Communication

Featured in this month’s e-newsletter is a blog on change readiness, tips for a change-ready culture and podcast interview with Cy Wakeman. Cy is a keynote speaker, New York Times bestselling author and global thought leader. Her revolutionary new approach to leadership centers on ditching the drama in the workplace, and teaching companies, leaders and employees to be ready for and embrace change.

July 2018: Crisis Communication

In July’s e-newsletter, we welcomed Melissa Agnes, a leading professional in the world of crisis readiness. In her book, Crisis Ready, she advocates crisis readiness through her five-phase approach, which she discussed with us.

June 2018: Storytelling

On the podcast this month, we had the opportunity to interview Jerome Deroy, CEO of Narativ. His business partner, company co-founder Murray Nossel, has written a book called Powered by Storytelling, which Jerome goes into detail about with us.

May 2018: Welcoming Gen Z to the Workplace

This month we check in with six former interns to see the success they’ve had since their experience at VTLO. In addition, we sit down with students from the Public Relations Student Society of America at Rutgers to hear how members of Gen Z are preparing to enter the workforce.

April 2018: Volunteering

In April’s e-newsletter, we announce the name of our podcast and touch on all things related to volunteering, including some of our favorite apps that we suggest you try.

March 2018: Corporate Culture

Featured on our podcast in this month’s e-newsletter are two special guests, Dr. Charlotte Jones-Burton and Ms. Patricia Cornet, co-founders of the non-profit organization Women of Color in Pharma, also known as WOCIP.

February 2018: Innovation

Our February e-newsletter includes lots of good insights from our very own Carol Feinberg, director of innovation & learning.

January 2018: Industry Trends

In our first e-newsletter of 2018, we launch the inaugural episode of the VTLO podcast. During the episode, we discuss recorded video vs. live video, social media trends and workplace trends.

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