Employee Volunteer Programs: Four Tips to Keep It Fresh

Employee Volunteer Programs: Four Tips to Keep It Fresh

By Vitiello Communications Group

You get a new iPhone every two years. You buy into the latest fashion trends. You’re drinking Kombucha (even if you have no idea what it actually is). But how often are you refreshing your company’s employee volunteer program?

Here are four tips to ensure your company’s volunteer program stays fresh:

  1. Create a new theme and campaign around the program every year. Volunteer programs should map to your company’s enduring mission, vision and values. Creating a new campaign annually will keep people interested and involved. Often, companies use a pop culture reference to inspire the year’s theme, for example – a popular TV show, a new product in the market or a hit song can provide inspiration for an internal marketing campaign. Or map the theme to a milestone in the company’s history, such as pledging 250 volunteer hours every month throughout your company’s 25th year; supporting 50 different causes for your 50th year; or contributing $1 million for your one millionth sale.
  2. Offer social media training to empower employees to share their volunteer experiences. People love to share pictures, videos and tweets about the great things they’re doing in the community. When they participate in employee volunteer programs, encourage your people to share their stories on social media platforms, using company hashtags.
  3. Allow employees to do virtual volunteering. Some people are not able to travel long distances or put in long hours to volunteer, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get involved. Virtual volunteering gives those employees an opportunity to support causes they care about. An IT expert in your company could donate one hour per week to troubleshoot IT issues for a charity of choice. A scientist might host a virtual training program once a month to share best practices with a nonprofit that supplies clean water to third world countries. A corporate communications professional could write a blog on behalf of a nonprofit organization’s leader. Connect willing volunteers for short-term assignments that let them contribute their time and talents as they are able.
  4. Develop a volunteering toolkit that employees can access on the go. Provide fundamental information about the program and offer tips for getting involved and tracking volunteer hours. Update the toolkit regularly with refreshed content and new, useful information.

Technology, best practices and knowledge are constantly evolving; ensuring your company’s volunteer program is fresh and relevant will increase employees’ engagement and ensure involvement with the charitable causes your company sponsors.

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